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SEPAI has been is founded in 1967 by the actual administrator Charles Stagni. Initially the firm deals with heat tinning of single pieces and metallic minuteness.

In the 1968 such kind of activity progressively comes abandoned to conform to the evolution of the sector. The process of industrialization of SEPAI conducts so the firm to the conversion of the existing fittings in new lines of production for the heat tinning in continuous of ferrous and non ferrous strips.

The process of industrialization still  go on today with continuous adjustments of the fittings to guarantee a production that always  fits to the client’s requests.
SEPAI realizes on his own  the fittings that it employs for getting an elevated qualitative level of the production and to maintain in this way a known clientele both in national field as international one. The gotten results have rewarded therefore the firm way to operate, from the provisioning of the materials to the delivery of the final product  to the client.

To make forehead in satisfactory way to the increasing applications request both of the clients consolidated that of new acquisition, in 1985 Sepai also adjust the work spaces.
Taking profit for the new area destined  to the expansion, the existing buildings are widened building a new communicating establishment.
Mails contextually come in exercise two new lines of cut for coil, in degree to produce strips of various widths and a plant of electro galvanization from the technology and productive potentiality enough to assure the satisfaction of the requests.

As to the productive innovations, the continuous improvement of the conditions of salubriousness has been pursued in all the work spaces. Such effort is concretized in the renovation of the fittings of aspiration and in the choice of non dangerous or harmful chemical substances both for the man and for the environment. In 1998 a new line of fire tinning Niehoff V2400 has been activated for the workmanship of threads and capillary tubes.

In the 1999 SEPAI has gotten the certification of conformity of his own system of business management for the quality to the norm An ENs ISO 9002:94. Such system has been focused to the control of the productive trials, of the materials and products and of the relative documentation. The whole personal of SEPAI has been involved in the development and application of the system quality.

To the geom. Fabio Stagni makes head the responsibilities to assure that such system is constantly maintained suitable to the business and normative demands. At the end of 2000 the plant of electro galvanization has subsequently been strengthened and at the same time revolutionized doing him so to assume a predominant role in the production SEPAI.
The new line of electro galvanization, composed by seven baths, it develops him on a length of around 80 ms and it is able to work you strain of weight equal to 20 ts and width of 1500 mm.

As from demands manifested by the clients the plant of electro galvanization has been suitable with the purpose to allow a process of selective electro depose, that is limited to an alone surface of the strip. The tests and the dimensional and qualitative controls are effected both with traditional instrumentation and with tools to denominated X rays Fischerscope.

From 2005 the process of tinning, in compliance to the Directive n.002/95/CE "RoHS", is adjusted for exclusively allowing the workmanship pure tin, it so definitely comes abandoned the tinning performed with league of tin / lead.

In the 2007 Taking advantage of  an area of ownership destined to the expansion, are widened, to make forehead, in satisfactory way, to the increasing applications of the clients, the spaces destined to the store of the coils destined to the electro galvanization, building a new adjacent and communicating establishment to that existing one .