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Quality - tools of measure

sistema XDL

The FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY systematizes XDL it measures the thickness of any galvanic amount carried over, determines the proportion of the constituent ones of an amount carried over in league or it analyzes the materials through the method of the fluorescence from X rays according to the norms DIN 50987 and ISO 3497.

The measure is not destructive, it is rapid and it is executable on a surface of least ampleness.

The voluminous cell with side cracks, his/her device of measure from the tall one and the great flexibility of positioning of the pieces they make the employment extremely easy of it. On a separate PC it is installed the working software under Windows® 95. The color monitor develops the double function of visualization of the measures and the results and the visualization of the piece to measure. They are these the elements and the visible characteristics of the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY it systematizes XDL.

The system totally uses of a new method for the calculation of the thicknesses. Also in presence of the sembres most complex actual combinations, the system XDL can be set in simple way, straight without champions of reference, pointing out previamente the precision of measure. The DCM (Distance Controlled Measurement), a clever method, straps the setting through the optic control of the distance of measure, simplifying at the most the measure of geometry pieces complex.


The Software WinFTM
represents the fundamental element of the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY it systematizes XDL. Maximum expression of the so-called one "deconvoluzione" of the ghosts, the profit in precision and in reliability doesn't normally find comparisons in comparison to that obtainable with other instruments in commerce. Under WinFTM, the computer simulates every situation up to individualize the in operation optimal model of the received physical signal. They come so to open inaccessible application fields till now.

-->display of the menu with image of the piece

Simplicity of setting

The objective principal of an user is always the solution of his/her own case of measure with the maximum simplicity but with the certainty of the reliability. WinFTM is not comparable to the classical software FTM. All it takes is introducing the constitutive elements of the case of measure (amount carried over, support, composition) and the instrument it is already ready to measure.

Precision of measure

This happens beginning from the elements of the case of measure I specify and from a fictitious thickness previously introduced or, more simply, departing from the measure effected on a champion. Such criterion, often decisive, is physically calculated directly by WinFTM on the totality of the field of accessible measure. 


-->display of the menu with image of the piece

Complex geometry pieces

Simplicity and rapidity of measure. The method DCM (Distance Controlled Measurement) operates in way independent from the distance separating the source of issue of the piece. All it takes is regulating the optics to correctly visualize the area of measure and WinFTM it calculates all the parameters of correction so that to guarantee the reliability of the measure (variation of intensity of the ghosts).

Other decisive advantages of WinFTM

  • "Works on Windows® 95"
  • Image in the image: data of measure, procedure to be followed and visualization of the piece they are gathered in an only picture.  Bank of ghosts: the measure of the pure elements makes superfluous. 
  • Theoretical Precalibration of the installation. It allows to directly measure without previous setting.  Increase of the precision of measure beginning from a number meeting place of champions, also in complex cases.
  • It assures the stability of the installation in the time. 
  • Complete program of representation and evaluation. 
  • Export of the data on you file inside or outside through RS-232.
Winftm_3.gif (35074 byte)
-->The method DCM allows to measure to various distances without modifying the setting. The debugging of the optics on the area of measure enough to correct the factor of distance rising piece.



couloscope.jpg (20920 byte)

For coulometric thickness measurement of metallic coatins


......with a versatile range of measuring stands and accessories:

V14 Universal Stand

V16 Measuring Stand

V17 Wire Measuring Stand

coulo_1.jpg (6476 byte)

Order No. L 01.02

coulo_2.jpg (11553 byte)

Order No. L 01.16

coulo_3.jpg (8295 byte)

Order No. L 01.07

Stand with built-in electrolyte agitator pump and slotted fixing plate with a universal clamping ball joint capable of hemispherical orientation. A lever lowers the test cell into position. Max. clearance: 80 mm above fixing plate; weight: 6.6 kg; dimensions: 230 x 330 x 270 mm. Simple stand with built-in electrolyte agitator pump. Specimen is placed on the baseplate and test cell lowered precisely into position by a lever mechanism. Max. clearance: 195 mm above baseplate; weight: 2.0 kg; dimensions: 170 x 270 x 260 mm. Stand with stainless steel reservoir, magnetic stirrer and wire clamping device which ensures reproducible deplating areas. Requires special program cards. Max. depth of immersion: 40 mm; weight: 1.2 kg; dimensions: 150 x 250 x 160 mm

Rotary fixture

Bottle rack

Chart Recorder

coulo_4.jpg (11668 byte)

Order No. L 01.02.20

coulo_5.jpg (10568 byte)

Order No. L 01.02.07

coulo_6.jpg (7976 byte)

Order No. L 02.03

Locks onto V14 fixing plate for rapid and reproducible positioning of screws and bolts. 15 measuring stations: 8 at 2 mm dia., the rest at 2, 2.2, 2.6, 2.9, 3.5, 3.9 and 4.2 mm dia. Each station has a click-stop.

Provides storage space for up to 12x100 ml electrolyte bottles as well as 3 spare test cells.  

Vice and Fittings
Order No. L 01.02.06
For use with v14 and v16 stand

ERVOGOR M chart recorder provides voltage-time diagram with timing pulse for evaluation of critical coatings.

Printer F3500
Order No. K 02.03
Provides numerical record of thickness with serial no..