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Thread tinning

Near our establishment we have installed a plant of mono thread fire tinning unique of his kind in Italy. The aforesaid plant has been developed for the ended tinning "inline" immediately after being wiredraw, and it is proper for high speeds of production.

The plant of tinning consists in an immersion tinning, in which the thread is absorbed in the pure pond. Contrarily of traditional fittings the thread doesn't flow from the tall one through the surface of the bath in the fused pond, but it enters from under the mirror of the bath of pond and then it goes out from there.

In this way the thread doesn't come into contact with the impurities that float on the fused tin, and the quality of the tinning it results notably improved.

The fused tin is found in a closed container, where the void is produced during the operation to maintain the oxidation of the tin the lowest possible. 

The thread is inserted and unthread through drawn machine so to get a deposit of homogeneous tin and a checked coverage conforming to the specific applications.
(--> Thread wound on iron coils or plastics or in skeins)