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Electro galvanization coils  and threads

Attitudes and Employments

The products electro galvanized  have a good resistance to the oxidation in environment to elevated damp. Such resistance partially comes to also be transmitted on the edges rewired e/o cut for the greatest electro positivity of the pure zinc of coverage in comparison to the steel of base. Zinc, deposited with electro system it has a perfect adherence to the surface of base and, altogether it favors deep stuffing of the steel. The layer of zinc constitutes a good fund for the painting, however it is applied, improving the adherence of the varnish.

New production

We are able to produce electro galvanization "ONE SIDE" on mm thicknesses. 1,2 to 3 with coverages 2,5/2,5 - 5/5 - 7,5/7,5 for employment in the auto sector. For inferior thicknesses you can contact us.


For all quality described covering can be:

F Zn



F Zn



F Zn


It can be considered superior or inferior coverages of zinc to how much brought in chart. Such applications must be reinstate from SEPAI S.r.l. The tests of determination of the coverage of zinc are performed by SEPAI S.r.l. with equipments FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY


macchine filo

 thicknesses mm. 0,20 to mm. 2,5/3

Width mm. 1500 MAX

Our products:
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macchine filo