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Electrolytic tin plating of strips and wires

Attitudes and Jobs

The electrolytically tinned tapes find wide use in the sectors: automotive, electronics, electrical engineering, radio and TV. They come also used for the production of terminals, cable lugs, contacts a spring, relays, switches, fastons, connectors, bars collectors, electrical terminals, electrical distributors, plug connectors, electrical contacts, electric motors. The electrolytic tinning process can be performed on tapes of:

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Nickel silver

The finished product complies with the technical rules of current RoHS Directive.

Ribbon Specifications

Width from mm.18 mm.180

thicknesses from 0.20 mm to max. mm.1,5

Entrance: Ø internal mm.400 and 500 max. 1,200 kg

Outlet: internal Ø mm.400 and 500 max. 1,200 kg

We are not equipped for the treatment of tapes wound on reels and the treatment of several tapes simultaneously (coiled). For a rewind a rule of art it is necessary that, for tapes with thicknesses from 0.20 to 0.40 mm we are provided with "cores" of cardboard cut to size.

Treatment specifications

We can supply the tin plating coating electrolytic from a minimum of 1 µm to a maximum of 10 µm with the following finishes and surface aspects:

  • Glossy / Bright
  • Opaque / Matt

In order to improve the qualitative performance of the supplied product it is possible to apply a sub-layer / flash (max 0.5 µm) of:

  • Copper - & gt; to promote weldability;
  • Nickel - & gt; to increase the level of protection from oxidations.

ONLY for the treatment of the Iron Strips must both must be used.

Upon request, after sending technical specifications, è It is possible to perform the feasibility analysis relating to electrolytic tin plating treatment on strips pre-sliced. The proofs of determining the coverage of tin are performed by SEPAI S.r.l. through the use of FISCHERSCOPE X-ray equipment X-RAY. Upon request, a “certificate of spectrographic control 3.1 according to UNI EN ISO 10204: 2005 ".

Feature Test Value Note
Solder Pool Test MIL-F-14256D N. & gt; 450mm² Appearance of the polished weld, with well edges outlined and no evidence of phenomena of spattering

The weldability test is to be considered: SATISFACTORY

ALL materials subjected to galvanic treatments they are highly perishable therefore it is our care our specialized and adequately trained staff pay the utmost attention to handling , packaging and storage of the same.

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